Roberto Vitali

Roberto Vitali

President, Village for All (V4A), Italy: V4AInside...Take the measures for your holiday


Roberto Vitali is from the city of Ferrara (Emilia Romagna – Italy). He is fifty-four years old, he has a wife and two children. He is registered at the Order of Publicists' Journalists of Emilia Romagna. A car accident in January 1976, when he was 15 years old, made him paraplegic. Since then, he has undertook a long series of activities and projects. Since 1992 he is engaged in Tourism for people with disabilities. In Ferrara has created the first office "Informa Handicap."
He is currently President and Founder of Village for all – V4A® (, International Quality Brand Hospitality for all.
From 2010, he is Member and Spokesman of the Committee for the Promotion of Accessible Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism, and he contributed to the writing of Manifesto del Turismo Accessibile (Accessible Tourism' Manifesto – 2010), of the Libro Bianco del Turismo Accessibile (White Paper on Accessible Tourism - presented in occasion of BIT Fair in Milan, 2013) and of the Communication International Campaign on Accessible Tourism (2013) promoted by the Ministry of Tourism with the video Italia Paese Ospitale (Italy Open for Everybody).
From 2009, as V4A®’ President, Roberto Vitali organized with Fiera di Vicenza and Regione del Veneto Gitando.all, the first International Exhibition dedicated to Accessible Tourism, to which the President of the Italian Republic, On. Giorgio Napolitano, granted the Award of Representation.
He is the co-inventor of V4AInside, software that represents a technological and organizational innovation in the process of collection and processing data relating to the accessibility of tourist facilities/tourist attractions, through the use of advanced technologies.
He collaborated in the preparation of the Manual on the Welcome and the Hospitality of tourists in the camps, realized with EBNT – Ente Bilaterale Nazionale Turismo (Bilateral National Agency on Tourism) and FAITA – Federcamping (2010), of Manifesto di Agrigento – principi per la realizzazione di un sistema turistico per tutti (Manifesto of Agrigento - principles for the construction of a tourism system for all), of the Carta della Città Ospitale (Paper of the Hospitable City) carried out under the project CARE (Accessible Cities of European Regions), and of the Check List per la valutazione dello Stabilimento Balneare e Spiaggia accessibile (Check List for the evaluation of Bathing Establishment and Accessible Beach) to persons with disabilities. He whrote the Decalogo per il viaggiatore disabile (Decalogue for the disabled traveler), the Decalogo dell’imprenditore del Turismo Accessibile (Decalogue for the Entrepreneur of Accessible Tourism ), and Specialmente Camperista, the handbook for disabled camperists. He has made the chapter on Accessible Tourism of Benvenuti al secondo biennio, course and laboratory of reception and tourist services, textbook for Hotels Hospitality Institutes of Lucia Evangelista, edited from Paravia. He has made the chapter "Accessible Tourism, pass from the constraints to the opportunities thinking to the needs of customers" of the manual Design for all – The project for all, realized by the Arch. Isabella Steffan. He wrote the chapter "Disability and tourism for all" of the Disabilities Manual of Silvia Assennato e Marco Quadrelli, edited from Maggioli Editore.
Since many years, he collaborates with various newspapers where he writes about Accessible Tourism, accessibility, elimination of architectural barriers, etc., and performs a constant activity of trainer in professional courses for tourism operators and technicians (architects, engineers).
He is a Peer counselor about issues related to disability, inclusion, assistive technology.
Roberto Vitali was an INAIL consultant (National Institute for Insurance Accidents at Work) and he workrd to realize the Call Center "Superabile 800810810" and the Internet Portal
He collaborated for the Touring Club's publication "Turismo Senza Barriere' and for the documentary “Grenzenlos – Ferrara (in der Emilia Romagna, Weltkulturerbe)”, who won the 2001’ Prix ITB in Berlin, category “Touristic documentaries”. He has been a consultant to Viaggi del Ventaglio for Accessible Tourism. He talked about Accessible Tourism on Radio 24, Rai Radio 2, Isoradio, Radio Vaticano and in television programs like Tutte le Mattine, Geo & Geo, Piazza Italia, TG2 SìViaggiare, Cominciamo bene, TV San Marino etc.. He contributes regularly to magazines such as tourist TURIT, Camping & Management, PleinAir and much more.
He is technical referent for the FISH (Federazione Italiana Superamento Handicap)’Tourism sector. Emeritus President and founder of SiPuò, Laboratorio Nazionale Turismo Accessibile, he was president until September 2008.
He is Associate Member of ENAT - European Network for Accessible Tourism -, Affiliate Member of UNWTO - United Nation World Tourism Organization -, Member and Delegate for the Accessible Turism of SKÅL International - International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals -. He is Technical referent for the Tourism Field of FISH – Italian Federation Overcoming Handicaps –, and was Tourism referent of Commission COMITUR. He is Member of ASCOM Ferrara Board (Association of Trade, Tourism, Services ) and of the Consortium Visit Ferrara.

Year 2013
- European Award of Excellence for Accessible Tourism 2013 of MiBAC (Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism). Roma, January 2014
Village for All - V4A® ex aequo “Runner up” with Cta - National Tourist Center -.
- UNWTO Ulysses Awards 2013 of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization of United Nations). Madrid, January 2014
V4A® International Quality Brand Hospitality for all, finalist in the category “Ulysses Award for Innovation in Enterprises”, was ranked “I° Runner up” at the Awards Ceremony in Madrid during FITUR - Fiera International do Turismo -.
- UNWTO Ulysses Awards 2013 of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization of United Nations). Madrid, January 2014
V4AInside, finalist at UNWTO Ulysses Awards 2013 in the category “Innovation in Research and Technology”, was ranked “II° Runner up” at the Awards Ceremony in Madrid during FITUR - Fiera International do Turismo -.
- Zero Project of Essl Foundation with the partnership of World Future Council. Vienna, December 2013
V4A® has been selected and inserted between Innovative Practices of Zero Project in the field of accessibility.
- Acknowledgment Attiva-Mente of AttivaMente (Cultural and Sports Association for the Disabled of San Marino) Repubblica of San Marino, November 2013
Roberto Vitali, President of V4A® received the award for its commitment to promoting Accessible Tourism "with respect and gratitude".
Premio Eco and the City Giovanni Spadolini of Fondazione Spadolini, supported by Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi, Fondazione Casa Enzo Ferrari, has the full support of Unesco. Modena, November 2013
V4A® winner of the Medaglia Spadolini. The Award recognizes the best practices for the protection of the territory and the landscape and the preservation of cultural and environmental heritage and for the effort on Accessible Tourism.
- Mob App Awards 2013 of SMAU Milano. Milano, October 2013
V4AInside finalist in the category Consumer "Mobile Accessibility e Disabilità”, was ranked “II° Runner up” as technological innovation in the field of Accessible Tourism.
- SKAL (International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals). Vicenza, Mach 2013
Acknowledgment to Roberto Vitali as Member and Delegate for Accessible Tourism SKAL - International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals -.
Year 2012
- Provincial Day of Gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara. Ferrara, December 2012
Roberto Vitali, President of V4A® was honored "to have contributed to the economic and cultural development of the community."
- Affiliate Member of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization of United Nations). Madrid, October 2012
Acknowledgment of V4A® as UNWTO’ Affiliate Member.
- Confcommercio's Innovative Enterprise. Chia (Sardegna), September 2012
V4A ® has been selected to attend the National Conference of System Confcommercio as one of the six successful experiences, chosen to be presented to the audience of presents entrepreneurs.
- Acknowledgment Attiva-Mente from AttivaMente (Cultural and Sports Association for the Disabled San Marino). Republic of San Marino, July 2012
Roberto Vitali, President of V4A® received the award for its commitment to promoting Accessible Tourism "with respect and gratitude."
Year 2011
- Affiliate Member of ENAT - European Network for Accessible Tourism -. Atene, October 2011.
Acknowledgment of V4A® like Affiliate Member di ENAT.
- Award SensoriAbilis 2011 “Worlds accessible to all”, of Confindustria Ancona. Loreto, October 2011.
Acknowledgment of Sensoriabilis Ambassador 2011 to Roberto Vitali, V4A®President, for their efforts in promoting Accessible Tourism.
Year 2010
- Patronage of ENIT (National Tourism Agency). Roma , June 2010
V4A® receives the patronage of ENIT Italia.
Year 2009
- Patrocinio del Ministero del Turismo. Roma, ottobre 2009
V4A® receives the patronage of Italian Ministry of Tourism.

- Award SensoriAbilis 2009 “Worlds accessible to all”, of Confindustria Ancona. Fabriano, October 2009.
Acknowledgment 2009 to Roberto Vitali V4A®President, for his efforts in promoting Accessible Tourism.
Year 2008
- Award Italy Accessible Tourism BETA (Tourism Exchange Associate). Cecina, June 2013.
A Special Mention has been attributed to the President of V4A® Roberto Vitali "for the excellent quality of information on Accessible Tourism".
- Award 3rd December of Association CPD (Council for People with Difficulties)
It was delivered to Roberto Vitali Presidente V4A®, as the foremost expert in the field of accessible tourism.


Village for all – V4A® is the Interna?onal Quality Brand for Accessible Tourism, that
through its informa0on guarantee to choose where to spend safely holidays. V4A® cer0fies under its own
Brand, tourist structures able to offer Accessible Hospitality for all. It guarantee an aBen0ve informa0on,
reliable, personally checking each structure, ensuring informa0on on measures, dimensions and
clearances, without delivering "licenses accessibility” but giving people the chance to choose
independently their holiday in the structure that will beBer meet the needs of the individual and his family.
For this reason, we created the APP V4Ainside, that represents a technological and organiza0onal
innova0on in the process of collec0on and processing of accessibility data, of tourist structures and
structures of tourism and culture interest. Informa0on gathered by the system V4AInside, are for tourists,
tour operators and travel agencies: it represents an easy and immediate tool of choice for their holiday in
Italy and in any other Country!
METHODOLOGY --‐ The applica0on, depending on the type of building/structure to be verified, predisposes
cards guided and a simultaneous collec?on of mul?media data (pictures, drawings) and physical
characteris0cs (slope, size, obstacles, etc..), with a direct monitoring of the system on the whole ac0vity,
the opening of the audit un0l its closure and sending data in "The Cloud", constantly making a data --‐ check.
Each datum is tested against from the device which does not permit tampering and maintains a high level
of control/aTen?on. At the end of the audit, all data are instantly processed and sent to the V4A® server
where it is stored and evaluated by qualified personnel. Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, is
developed a list of ac?ons and possible improvements (structural: such as elimina0on of architectural
barriers, organiza-onal: such as gluten--‐free menu, communica-on systems: such as communica0on for the
deaf and / or blind, etc..) aimed to increasing the level of accessibility. This final report will then be
possible to plan for long--‐term interven?ons to improve the quality and hospitality to all guests, according
to the method of con0nuous improvement represented by “PDCA” (plan–do–check–act).
INNOVATION --‐ V4AInside APP works on IPAD, and can take advantage of geo--‐referencing systems. The
soWware has been developed for mul?lingual opera?on (Italian, English, Portughese), providing intui?ve
ease of use supported by a training manual and orienta0on to the contextual menu. V4AInside has been
developed thinking to integrate with other data collec?on systems / classifica?ons such as: quality
cer0fica0on, ra0ng stars, environmental cer0fica0on, etc..