Simone Fanti
Italian journalist
Simone Fanti has been a professional journalist since February 2000 and in the last 14 years, he has written for the most important Italian newspapers: from Panorama to Espresso, from Mondo to...
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Valentina Rossi
Historian and Cultural Heritage Expert
Lyubomir Durankev
National and International Project Manager, Sozopol Foundation, Bulgaria: League of Historical and Accessible Cities (LHAC) - Case Study of Sozopol
Mr. Lyubomir Durankev is an International Projects Expert at Sozopol Foundation. He has obtained both bachelor’s and master's degrees in Marketing from the University...
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Sozopol Foundation was established in December 2002, aiming to work for the public benefit. It is the only Bulgarian non-governmental organization in official partnership with UNESCO. Due to its...
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Bernadette Lo Bianco
Project Manager of Accessible Siracusa and Noto, Sicily, Italy: Accessible Itineraries-Siracusa and Noto also in Sign Language
Professor Bernadette Lo Bianco, who was born in Catania on 7/28/73, a resident of Syracuse via Acradina 32, a professor of engineering at the Tourist Hotel Institute "Alfio Moncada" Lentini...
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“Syracuse and Noto also in sign language” is a pilot project in Sicily: up to now, in fact, no city of Southern Italy has proved to be fully accessible from the point of view of tourism and...
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Sabine Neusüss
Accessibility Manager, Municipality of Salzburg, Austria: Salzburg - Winner of the European Award of Accessible City in 2012
Sabine Neusüß is a graduate in journalism and communication.
Since 2003 she has been responsible for project coordination in the office of women ́s affairs of the City of Salzburg...
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Access City Award – Accessible Salzburg?
On the first of December 2011 the city of Salzburg gets the Access City Award 2012. This award is...
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Elena de Mier Torrecilla
Coordinator, Cooperation Agreement between the ACS Foundation/Spanish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (AECID): Accessibility in the National Heritage Sites in Spain and International Cooperation projects in Latin America
Architect, Coordinator of the Agreement between the ACS Foundation and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). Since 2008 she is responsible for the line of...
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Accessibility in the National Heritage sites in Spain and International Cooperation projects in Latin America...
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Alain Pellet
Legal Advisor of the UNWTO, former Chairperson of the International Law Commission of the UN and President of French Society for International Law
Emeritus Professor at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Alain Pellet is a former member (1990-2011) and a former Chair (1997-1998) of the International Law Commission of the United Nations. He has been the legal adviser of the World Tourism Organisation since 1990...
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Jean-Marc Mignon
President, International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO): Social tourism and universal accessibility
Jean Marc Mignon, after language studies at the Catholic University of Paris(Spanish), dedicated his entire professional life to youth travel and then to social tourism...
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Jean Marc Mignon intends, during his presentation, to place accessible tourism in the wider scope of the obstacles which prevent nearly half European citizens from going on holidays and have...
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Antonella Correra
Policy Officer in charge of Accessible Tourism, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission: EU policy instruments on universal accessibility in tourism
is a Policy Officer in the Tourism and Cultural Instruments Unit, Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, dealing with accessible tourism and safety of travellers.
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EU policy instruments on universal accessibility in tourism
The intervention will be divided in two main parts
1) Overview of the significance of accessible tourism for the European tourism sector.
The intervention will provide an overview of the significance of accessible tourism in Europe...
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Paolo Rosso
Commissioner for tourism of the Veneto Region
Paolo Rosso was born in Agna, next to Pauda on may the 5, 1960. He is currently Commissioner for tourism of the Veneto Region. As a Tourism Commissioner Mr. Rosso is in charge of the..
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Accessible tourism represents a crucial aspect of innovation for our destinations. After the World
Tourism Day - that was celebrated in Mexico on September the 27th – “Tourism and community
development” has become the new MANIFESTO at international level that I want to support both...
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Teresa Ferreira
Director, Development and Innovation Department, Turismo de Portugal: National tourism policies and universal accessibility in Portugal
Degree in Sociology
Master's degree in organizational psychology
Working in Turismo de Portugal (the national authority for tourism) since 1998...
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The quality of Portugal as a tourist destination has been recognized worldwide. This is demonstrated by the data relating to tourism performance in 2013, with more than 40 million...
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Annagrazia Laura
President, European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT): Training modules on accessibility for tourism professionals
ANNAGRAZIA LAURA has a long experience in promoting the rights of people with disabilities within CO.IN. (Cooperative Integrate Onlus and then Consorzio Sociale COIN), an...
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The tourism sector depends on the continual development of its human resources in order to create high quality products and give the best service to visitors. In order to achieve high...
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Pete Kercher
Ambassador of the EIDD Design for All in Europe
Pete Kercher followed up a law degree from Southampton University with a period in international youth politics (Vice-President, European Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth, 1975-77)...
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A convinced believer in applying design methods to the strategic challenges generated by today’s complex and continuously changing society, so as to trigger interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation...
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Roberto Torena Cristobal , Manager, ONCE Foundation, Spain: Smart technologies fostering accessible tourism Roberto Torena holds the position of Manager of the Accessible Technologies and Innovation Business Unit of Ilunion Consulting, which is the technology and consultancy company belonging to the business corporation of ONCE Foundation. The ONCE Foundation was created by the ONCE ...
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Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons (UNCRDP) states that: “To enable persons with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life, States Parties shall take appropriate measures to ensure...
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Roberto Vitali
President, Village for All (V4A), Italy: V4AInside...Take the measures for your holiday
Roberto Vitali is from the city of Ferrara (Emilia Romagna – Italy). He is fifty-four years old, he has a wife and two children. He is registered at the Order of Publicists' Journalists of Emilia Romagna...
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Village for all – V4A® is the Interna?onal Quality Brand for Accessible Tourism, that
through its informa0on guarantee to choose where to spend safely holidays. V4A® cer0fies under...
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Magnus Berglund
Accessibility Ambassador, Scandic Hotels, Sweden: Design for All in the hospitality industry
Magnus BERGLUND, SCANDIC Hotels, Accessibility Ambassador since 2003. Magnus has created a unique program for the 230 Scandic hotels in 8 countries which has put Scandic...
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SCANDIC is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading hotel chain as concerns access for all, with 230 hotels in 8 European countries. Putting the needs of all guests firmly in the centre...
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Ross Calladine
Head of Business Support, Visit England, United Kingdom: Developing and promoting accessible destinations throughout England.
Ross Calladine is Head of Business Support for VisitEngland.
As part of his role at VisitEngland, Ross is the in-house accessibility expert developing initiatives...
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National Tourist Board VisitEngland takes a leading role in the development of England as a leading destination for people with access needs. Key areas of work are: developing
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Marina Diotallevi
Programme Manager, Ethics and Social Responsibility, UNWTO